Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Amanlıyev visited Rector Uzun

Yayın Tarihi : 13/08/2020
Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Ishanguly Amanlyev visited our Rector Prof. Dr. Orhan Uzun.

Rector Uzun thanked Ambassador Amanlyev for his visit and informed the Ambassador on the works of Bartın University. Rector Uzun indicated that they are increasing the number of international students every year with a vision of considering “differences as wealth”.  We see our international students not as foreigners but as “hosts”.

Ambassador Amanlyev thanked Rector Uzun for their close interest towards students from Turkmenistan together with all other students within the perspective of the “student-centered” approach in the university.

The ambassador emphasized that they are closely following Bartın University and said: “Bartın University is a reputable university abroad and the students here are very lucky”.

After the visit, Ambassador Amanlyev met with the students from Turkmenistan at the library and together with Rector Uzun, they presented a Certificate of Honor to Jahan Berdyyev, a senior student at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Bartın University, for her devotion and participation to activities organized on behalf of Turkmenistan neutral state.

At the end of the visit, Ambassador Amanlyev and Rector Uzun visited Toylı Naşiyev, a sophomore at the Department of Social Studies Teaching, who had been injured recently.

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  • Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Amanlıyev visited Rector Uzun

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