BARÜ excels globally ranking among top 300 in two fields and top 3 in Turkey

Yayın Tarihi : 01/06/2023
Bartın University (BARU) shines in Times Higher Education (THE) 2023 Impact Ranking, securing top 300 Global Rankings in two fields, and dominating Turkey's top 3 spots.

Times Higher Education (THE), the renowned global university ranking organization, has unveiled its highly anticipated 2023 Impact Ranking, which evaluates institutions based on their contributions to social, economic, cultural, and ecological advancements aligned with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

In an exceptional display of success, Bartın University (BARU) has emerged as a prominent force in higher education, demonstrating its dedication to societal progress through its exceptional performance in the Times Impact Ranking. Outshining numerous universities from across the globe, BARU elevated its rankings in three key areas among the 1,591 institutions representing over 100 countries that participated in the evaluation based on UN sustainable development goals.
BARU's notable achievements in the 2023 Impact Ranking include securing positions in the 101-200 range for "Responsible Consumption and Production" 201-300 range for "Climate Action," 401-600 range for both "Sustainable Cities and Communities" and "Partnerships for the Goals," and 601-800 range for "Good Health and Well-Being."

This remarkable feat signifies BARU's substantial progress, made possible by its exceptional academic staff, renowned research fields, and commitment to quality education. In the previous year's Times Impact Ranking, BARÜ had secured a spot in the 1001+ range for "Partnerships for the Goals," 301-400 range for "Climate Action," and 801-1000 range for " Good Health and Well-Being."

Out of 79 Turkish universities featured in the THE 2023 Ranking list, BARU's stellar performance has positioned it as the 3rd highest-ranking institution in Turkey for both the " Responsible Consumption and Production " and "Climate Action" categories. Furthermore, BARU, in the top 10 in Turkey in the "Partnerships for the Goals" category, has made its mark by securing the 16th position in the "Sustainable Cities and Communities" category and the 29th position in the " Good Health and Well-Being" category, reinforcing its commitment to excellence across diverse fields.

BARU's remarkable achievements in the Times Higher Education (THE) 2023 Impact Ranking exemplify its commitment to sustainable development goals and its unwavering dedication to societal progress, placing it among the most influential higher education institutions globally and solidifying its position as a leading force within Turkey.

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