About Us


Bartin University was founded on May 22, 2008 with the act of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. During the foundation, the university had 3 faculties, 3 schools and 2 graduate schools. In the years following the foundation, the university achieved a significant success by improving its physical and technological infrastructure. Currently, Bartın University continues its activities with 9 faculties, 4 schools and one graduate school and it is a big family hosting over 18 thousand students from all over Turkey and the three continents around the world.

Bartın University is in the Black Sea Region where you can find all shades of green and blue and conveniently located at a close distance to Ankara, the capital city of Turkey and to other metropolitan cities of Turkey. The university continues its studies at an international scale with its two campuses in Bartın city center and other campuses in Kurucaşile and Ulus districts. Bartın University is not a big family with its students but also with the alumni and offers distinctive opportunities with cultural, artistic and sports activities.

All the studies are centered around the students in the university where we have well-equipped academic staff. Students are offered the opportunity to study in quality educational environments and are walking with sound steps towards business life.

Bartın University follows both national and international agenda closely and quality in the university is guaranteed through various institutions. In addition, the university is rising with firm steps in international rankings made by different institutions.

Starting with our region, our goal is to contribute to the education of high-quality human resources who will work for humanity and thus, create value…