BARU ranks among the top in the world in "Education" and "Engineering"

Yayın Tarihi : 26/10/2023
In the 2024 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, Bartin University (BARU) is ranked in the top 500 globally in the field of "Education" and the top 800 in the field of "Engineering". BARU has achieved a place in the top 5 in Turkey in the field of "Education" and in the top 10 in the field of "Engineering".

Following the 2024 World University Rankings by Times Higher Education (THE), one of the most well-known higher education ranking organizations in the world, the "Subject Rankings" have also been announced. In the evaluation among higher education institutions that succeeded in entering the 2024 World University Rankings, Bartin University (BARU) has made it to the list of the best. BARU is placed in the 401-500 range for "Education" and the 601-800 range for "Engineering" in THE rankings.

BARU ranks in the top 500 in the world in "Education" and the top 800 in "Engineering".

THE, using the same 18 performance indicators used in the overall 2024 World University Rankings, made evaluations in the field of "Education" with subheadings such as "Teaching", "Teacher Education", and "Academic Research in Education". For the field of Engineering, rankings were determined based on the main methodology as well as subtopics including "General Engineering", "Electrical and Electronics Engineering", "Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering", "Civil Engineering", and "Chemical Engineering". Thus, BARU has positioned itself among the top 500 universities globally in "Education" and the top 800 in "Engineering."

BARU ranks in the top 5 in "Education" and the top 10 in "Engineering" in Turkey.

In the subject-based rankings, 75 higher education institutions from Turkey were evaluated. Based on the performance of the past 5 years, BARU shared the 5th position in the field of "Education" with another university in the 401-500 range and shared the 10th position in the field of "Engineering" with 8 universities in the 601-800 range.

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