“The negative effects of climate change on human health are on rise”

Yayın Tarihi : 12/04/2022
Speaking at the conference at our university, Prof. Dr. Raika Durusoy touched upon the global effects of climate change and stated that the effects on human health are increasing day by day.

An online conference on "Climate Change and Health" was held by the Faculty of Health Sciences of our university. Academicians, healthcare professionals and students from different cities of Turkey attended the event organized in line with the theme of World Health Organization (WHO) 2022 World Health Day "Our Planet, Our Health".

A speech titled “Climate Change and Health” was given by Prof. Dr.  by Raika Durusoy from Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Public Health.

Prof. Dr. Durusoy started her speech with an evaluation on the factors that cause climate change such as global warming, fossil fuels used for different purposes in daily life, greenhouse gas effect and deforestation.

Touching on the effects of climate change on human health, Durusoy said, “As a result of the climate crisis in our country and in the world; we encounter situations such as decrease in physical activity, increase in respiratory tract and non-communicable diseases and mood changes. Negative effects on human health, environmental drought and reduction in arable land bear significant consequences.

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