Participants from 122 institutions and organizations came together for foreign language education

Yayın Tarihi : 29/05/2023
At the meeting hosted by Bartın University (BARÜ), participants from 108 universities and 14 companies developed suggestions for the future of foreign language education.

Organized by Bartın University (BARU), “the 15th School of Foreign Languages ​​Executives Meeting” was completed with the participation of 295 experts from 108 universities and 14 companies. In the meetings, held simultaneously in 11 different halls together with the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Education of the BARU Kutlubey Campus, evaluations were made about the education-teaching processes in the field of foreign language. In the panels that lasted for two days, views were exchanged on the current status of the academy, student potential and course curriculum.

Focus groups laboured on the point of solution proposals

Stakeholder institutions and organizations also supported with their work at the meetings where the principals of the School of Foreign Languages ​​in higher education institutions made presentations. In the event, where focus groups contributed with workshops, suggestions were developed for the solutions to the problems experienced in various processes of education under the titles of "Curriculum Development Processes in Preparatory Programs", "Assessment-Evaluation Processes", "General Legislation and Personnel Rights", "Training Processes for Foreign Languages ​​Other than English" and "Examples of Good Practice" were presented.

“It was a meeting that will add value to their future strategies”

Pointing out that the meeting was very valuable in terms of foreign language education, Prof. Dr Orhan Uzun, Rector of BARU, stated “Learning a second language is one of the most important requirements of our age. Second language will increase the wealth of individuals in culture, art, science, technology, economy and, of course, understanding each other. In this respect, I find the meeting held at our University on foreign language learning very valuable. We thank our Head of the School of Foreign Languages, Asst. Prof. Dr Burcu Şentürk and our academic and administrative human resources. I would like to thank all our stakeholders together with Prof. Dr Hüsnü Enginarlar, the Founding President of the School of Foreign Languages ​​Managers Platform, for his participation and valuable support.”

“We left behind a very productive meeting”

Burcu Şentürk, Head of BARU School of Foreign Languages, thanked all the participants and the supporting institutions and organizations and added “Today when a foreign language is no longer sufficient, we see that there is an intellectual professionalization. With information technologies, knowing a foreign language is an indispensable condition for catching up with the age. We are aware of what can be done in this field in order to learn, understand, own and produce the technology and science of the age. With this awareness, we left behind a very productive meeting. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Rector of our University, Prof. Dr Orhan Uzun, and to all the components of the BARÜ family for their support in achieving better. In addition, I would like to thank our valuable Hüsnü Enginarlar, who motivates us for our future, along with, our valuable professors from different universities, industry representatives and sponsors for their contributions.”

Leading institutions and organizations in the field supported

The meeting in 2024 was planned to be hosted by Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, with the voting held in the closing session of the event, where the future of foreign language education was discussed. Burlington English, Cambridge, English Central, ETS Global, ILS WEXT, Macmillan Education, Mc Graw Hill, NSLS Education, National Geographic Learning, Oxford University Press, Pearson and Regional English Language Office supported the 15th School of Foreign Languages ​​Executives Meeting.

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