New Endemic Plant Species Discovered by Researchers

Yayın Tarihi : 12/01/2022
Researchers from Bartın University and Düzce University identified a new endemic plant species, an “Aubrieta” genus, in Gurbetkayası located in Yedigöller National Park of Bolu. The plant was named “Aubrieta necmi-aksoyi Tunçkol, N. Özkan and Al-Shehbaz” after the researchers.

Bartın University Ulus Vocational School Forestry Program Lecturer Dr. Bilge Tunçkol and Düzce University Faculty of Forestry Faculty Member Dr. Neval Güneş Özkan discovered the new plant by cooperating with a US-based scientist Prof. Dr. Ihsan A. Al-Shehbaz from Missouri Botanical Garden. Having analyzed the plant with its spectacularly colored flowers, they stated that it is in the “critically endangered” species according to a set of criteria.

A scientific research paper about this newly found species was also published in one of the pioneering scientific journal, “Phytotaxa”.

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