Nevruz Celebrated with Enthusiasm on Kutlubey Campus

Yayın Tarihi : 28/03/2022
The students and staff celebrated Nevruz Festival, which heralds the arrival of spring, on Kutlubey Campus.

The event, held by Bartın University Student Council and Turkic World Studies Club, attracted great attention by the attendees. It started with the opening speech by Dr. Naz Penah from the Faculty of Letters about the "Nevruz Festival". Music and poetry recitals, national dance performances, and folk dance performance by Kemal-Sabriye Ocakçı Primary School students were appreciated and received great applause at the opening session of the event by the audience from 69 countries.

In the ceremony area where the flags of the Turkic Republics were displayed, iron was forged on the anvil, which is the symbol of the Ergenekon Epic. There was great enthusiasm after jumping over the Nevruz fire that was lit later. Within the scope of the program, tug-of-war and egg-crashing competitions created colorful images.

Symbolizing Turkish, Altai and Mongolian folk cultures, a show tent, Otağ, was also set up in the ceremony area, where the attendees played local games in company with the songs from the Turkish World. The attendees were all eyes with a lot of interest as the arrow shooting show was performed and Uzbek Pilaf was served.

SON Haberler

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  • “The negative effects of climate change on human health are on rise”

  • Buse Tosun, an alumnus of our university, ranks second in Europe

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  • Nevruz Celebrated with Enthusiasm on Kutlubey Campus

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  • For the first time in Turkey, an individualized activity program will be developed for children

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  • In the conference of Bartın University, ‘The Legend of Çanakkale’ was narrated.