BARU's ERA-NET NEURON Project is the first in Turkey

Yayın Tarihi : 14/11/2023
The ERA-NET NEURON Project, presented by Bartın University (BARÜ) within the scope of Ufuk 2020, of which TÜBİTAK is among the partners, was the first study accepted under the coordination of Turkey.

The project presented by Bartın University (BARU) as a consortium within the scope of the European Union framework program ERA-NET NEURON (The Network of European Funding for Neuroscience Research) was accepted. The project, which was deemed worthy of support within the framework of Ufuk 2020, in which TÜBİTAK is among the partners, was evaluated within the scope of the 2023 common international call title "Mechanisms of Resilience and Vulnerability to Environmental Challenges in Mental Health (Ruh Sağlığında Çevre Zorluklarına Dayanıklılık ve Kırılganlık Mekanizmaları)".

It was the first project in which Turkey was the coordinator

The project, which aims to improve knowledge about neurobiological mechanisms related to resilience or vulnerability to environmental challenges in mental health, was undertaken to support multinational, collaborative research. For this purpose, the project carried out by the coordinator and manager from BARU Faculty of Letters, Department of Psychology Lecturer Dr. Ersin Yavaş was entitled to be supported with the title “Rerouting Towards Resilience to Juvenile Stress-İnduced Psychopathologies in Adulthood: Spotlight on Behavioural Profiling and Lifestyle İnterventions (Juvenil Stresin Yol Açtığı Yetişkinlik Dönem Psikopatolojilerinde Gözlemlenen Psikolojik Dayanıklılığa Yeni Bir Yaklaşım: Davranışsal Profil Oluşturma ve Yaşam Tarzı Müdahalelerine Bir Işık Tutma)". Thus, for the first time, an ERA-NET NEURON project was accepted under the coordination of a university from Turkey.

The project was given a budget of 1 million 81 thousand Euros

1 million 81 thousand Euros were supported for the project in which traumatic stress conditions experienced in middle-aged childhood and individual differences in response to stress in late adulthood will be examined in a controlled laboratory environment. In a total of 36 months of studies, the healthy and pathophysiological mechanisms underlying individual differences will be discussed and the interventions to be implemented will be investigated. Within the scope of the data to be obtained, it will be determined to what extent stress experiences and innovative intervention methods for them will contribute to behavioral and cognitive markers.

The world's best scientists in their fields are taking part in the project.

The project, coordinated by BARU, includes scientists from Sorbonne University, Oslo University, Haifa University, Magdeburg University and Koç University as consortium members. Within the scope of the project, consortium members will make mutual visits and carry out joint studies to improve knowledge and experience. The study, which brings together the best scientists in the field, will progress in mental health, focusing on mechanisms of resilience and vulnerability to environmental challenges.

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  • BARU's ERA-NET NEURON Project is the first in Turkey