BARÜ is among the world's best in sustainability

Yayın Tarihi : 06/12/2023
Bartın University (BARÜ) has been ranked among the world's top higher education institutions in terms of sustainability, evaluating 1,183 universities from 85 countries in the UI Green Metric rankings.

The UI Green Metric World University Rankings 2023, a global platform for sustainability and environmental awareness, has been announced. BARÜ managed to rank 187th in the list, which evaluated a total of 1,183 universities from 85 different countries this year. In 2019, BARÜ was ranked 348th among 780 universities worldwide, and its success has continued with sustainable development initiatives and the enrichment of new ideas.

BARÜ aims for sustainable development

Continuing significant efforts in the realms of infrastructure, energy, climate change, waste management, transportation, and education within the scope of sustainability, BARÜ ranked 13th among the 98 higher education institutions from Turkey that entered the rankings. Despite the increasing number of higher education institutions ranked globally and in Turkey, BARÜ has succeeded in being among the best universities, achieving significant ecological, social, and economic gains through its efforts.

Ongoing eco-friendly initiatives at BARÜ

Emphasizing the continuation of their efforts towards becoming a sustainable, nature-friendly, and eco-friendly university, BARÜ's Rector, Prof. Dr. Orhan Uzun, stated "We are conducting significant sustainability efforts at our university. Through the 'Zero Waste Management System,' we have saved 1,209 trees from being cut down in the last five years, while a total of 134 tons and 480 kilograms of waste have been sent for recycling. We have implemented an exemplary project with significant gains in various dimensions by harvesting rainwater to create a natural pond. With the 'Barrier-Free University' efforts, we strive to make our campuses comfortable and livable for users of all ages with disabilities. We will continue our determined efforts with ongoing projects to maintain our position among the world's esteemed, sustainable, and environmentally friendly universities".

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