Bartın University Has Welcomed its New Students

Yayın Tarihi : 01/09/2018

Our University has welcomed its new students enrolling for the 2018-2019 academic year and attending in their first courses with “Adaptation Activities”

To make it easier for beginner students to adapt to university and the environment, our university has organized “Adaptation Activities.” Publicities done for different faculty and college students every dad continued for ten days. During the activities done in Ağdacı, Kutlubey and Ulus Campuses, the structure and facilities of the university were explained and information about the city was given. Throughout the adaptation activities, students were informed about the teaching and learning strategies by academic staff. Moreover, a number of presentations were made by the Library and Documentation Department, Health, Culture and Sports Department, International Student Office and Remote Education Application and Research Center.

“We will be a companion for our students for the future”


Our university’s Rector Professor Dr. Orhan Uzun joined in the adaptation activities and wished the 2018-2019 academic year to be beneficial. He stated that “As an educational institution, our main priority is always our students. Our strong academic staff will always be with our students in all the education and training activities carried out. The development of our students will be supported by social, cultural and sporting activities. Our students, who are members of a large family, will accompany us to move our country to a more prosperous future by moving our success bar to higher levels.

“We strive to bring all kinds of potential to the service of the region and our country”


After stating that they aim to make students become qualified adults by providing them with social, cultural, artistic and sportive development opportunities, the Rector Professor Dr. Orhan Uzun verbalized that “while trying to ensure that the students will become qualified individuals, our university also aims to become an esteemed university at national and international level. I n this context, transforming the riches of our region into value-added with scientific projects and R & D studies is one of our most important goals. In harmony with our people, we are determined to make every effort to present our potential to the service of the region and our country. In this respect, we aim to make our university be an effective institution in our city and region; to have qualified alumni who are trained by our faculty members using our university’s superior physical infrastructure; to develop the university by establishing good relations with our internal and external stakeholders.”

“We aim to raise qualified young people”

Rector Uzun also made recommendations to the students about their future goals and told them “Set goals and we can work together.”

Rector Uzun stated that “We are trying to do our best to give the best education-teaching with 8 faculties, 2 colleges, 3 vocational schools and 3 institutes in 4 different campuses. While physically increasing our opportunities day by day, we strive to raise prominent young people with the goal of becoming a university that produces scientifically. We offer our students the opportunity to take a part of their education in universities, both in Turkey and abroad, with the ERASMUS, MEVLANA and FARABI programs. Moreover, we recommend our students to think about graduate and doctorate programs in advance.”

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