Bartın University among the best universities in the world

Yayın Tarihi : 01/05/2022
Bartin university was listed in Times Higher Education (THE) 2022 Impact Ranking list, one of the world's respected ranking institutions, in the top 200 universities in the area of "Conscious Production and Consumption".

Times Higher Education (THE), the world university ranking institution, published the 2022 Impact Ranking. According to the rankings based on the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, Bartin University was listed among the most influential higher education institutions through its social, economic, cultural, and ecological contributions to society. Hence, Bartin University once more demonstrated sustainable success through its experienced academic human resources, qualified education, and research areas.

In the Times Impact Ranking, to which 1.525 institutions from 110 different countries applied, Bartin University, surpassing many universities in the world in the evaluation carried out on 5 out of 17 sustainable development goals, succeeded in being in the 801+ in the general ranking.

Aiming at a regional-based development within specialization studies, Bartin University entered 101+ (the highest score ranking) in the "Conscious Production and Consumption" category. Carrying out studies in the "Smart Logistics and Integrated Region Applications" specialization, Bartin University has proven its resolution in this field by entering the world ranking. Aiming for a holistic digital transformation within the field of people, business processes, and technology, the success of Bartin University in this field has been obtained via innovative projects within the scope of the "Zero Waste Project", particularly the Intelligent Logistic Management System (ALYS), saving a remarkable amount of money.

Achieving great success in other areas in the list, Bartin University was also included in the rankings of 301+ group in the "Climate Action" category, 401+ in the "Sustainable Cities and Communities" category, 801+ in the "Healthy and Quality Life" category, and 1001+ in the "Partnerships for Goals" category.

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  • Bartın University among the best universities in the world