Our University is the first state university taking “Healthy and Safe Campus Document”

Yayın Tarihi : 05/03/2021
Our University is the first state university taking “Safe Campus Document in the context of Global Epidemic” after the examination which was done by experts from Turkish Standard Institute (TSE).

Our university has immediately taken necessary precautions for COVID-19 since the pandemic threat appeared. All works are conducted meticulously in Bartın University which executed with the Ministry of Health, High Education Board (YÖK) and state institutions and organizations in Bartın in order to keep safe and healthy for all stuffs. At that point, it was made application for “Safe Campus Document in the context of Global Epidemic.” After the application, the team coming from Turkish Standards Institute examines our campuses at Bartın University.

At Bartın University there are significant agreements which were prepared with cooperation protocol by High Education Board and Turkish Standards Institute in the context of “the Guide for improving healthy and clean places in Higher Education Institutions within the scope of pandemic.” The teams with the heading figure of Secretary General at Bartın University Assoc. Prof. Dr. Said Ceyhan played an important role for providing all the necessities of guide. After all examinations, Bartın University is the first state university taking “Healthy and Safe Campus Document.”

SON Haberler

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