BARÜ is among the best in the world in its 15th year

Yayın Tarihi : 04/10/2023
In the 15th year of its establishment, Bartın University (BARÜ) ranked 563rd in the 'Research Quality' category in the Times Higher Education (THE) 2024 World University Rankings, and managed to enter the 1001-1200 band in the general rankings and became the 12th best university in Turkey.

Times Higher Education (THE), one of the world's most well-known higher education rating organizations, announced the "World University Rankings 2024", which is based on the data of 1,904 universities that meet a certain standard internationally. In the ranking in which universities are evaluated academically according to 5 different basic criteria, Bartın University (BARÜ) was among the most successful higher education institutions in the world.

BARÜ ranked 12th in Turkey and in the 1001-1200 band in the World

BARÜ showed great success by ranking in the 1001-1200 band, despite the increase in the number of universities evaluated every year. BARÜ, which ranked 563rd among the world's top 1000 universities in the 'Research Quality' category, showed an unprecedented performance in its first ranking.

By looking at the performance of the past 5 years, BARÜ ranked 12th among the 75 higher education institutions in Türkiye that were included in the rankings in the evaluations made with data obtained from the education-training, research environment, research quality, industry and international outlook categories of the institutions.

“We are making progress that we can be proud of, with a labor-intensive effort.”

Expressing his happiness that the successes achieved as a university reflected in the indicators of international rating institutions, BARÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Orhan Uzun said, “We offer the innovative knowledge we put forward with our scientific studies, qualified publications and research with high technological impact to the service of humanity. We work with labor-intensive effort and continue our journey to the future with our international successes and business partnerships. I believe that our place in this ranking, which we have entered considering the past 5 years, will rise much higher in the coming years. "I congratulate all our components, including the BARÜ family, including our students, graduates, academic and administrative human resources, who contributed to this process, and I wholeheartedly believe that our success will increase exponentially in the coming periods."

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